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  Loan for companies pay taxes and taxes! In the month of January, February and March it is not easy for individual (citizen) to pay taxes, imagine for legal entities (companies). With this in mind, Banco do Brasil has just launched an ideal tax credit line for small businesses, the “business loan tax” is a […]


News about Personal Plus Loan

  Is there a variable rate mortgage loan that is from the first day? As is well known, when signing a mortgage loan with a variable interest, the bank normally applies a fixed rate during the first months of the contract’s life (between 12 and 24), which may be the same as the subsequent differential […]


Investment Risk Management Strategies – 5 Ways to Play Defense

 Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings can be honored when it comes to reliving the great Super Bowl games of 2011, but it would not matter how many points the Packers put on the board if they did not have a strong defense. In other words, a good offense cannot be successful without an effective defensive […]


Lifetime Savings Plan – Major Life Expenses & Savings Principles for Every Age

 Many Americans are now discovering that comfortable retirement and adequate health care are beyond their means. As a result, we work later in life, we lower our expectations, and we go not only without luxury, but also with essential things. The decisions we make through our lives have financial consequences. These choices include the careers […]


Interest-Free Financing and Readjustments for Home Purchase

    Buy own house financed without interest. This opinion is the dream of the majority of the Brazilian population of low. Is there any possibility of getting credit for interest-free financing come true? Incredible as it may seem, there is a bill circulating that provides for the financing of own houses without interest or […]


Investment Costs You Need To Know

     Before you invest your money, it is important to be aware of the costs associated with your specific type of investment. Every respectable, professional advisor must be able to explain every fee in detail. The problem is that when we invest in our retirement accounts, such as a 401 (k) or IRA, we […]